Professor John Hawks says the US has lost its identity as a nation

Analysis of how the US is becoming more and more a nation has become a major theme in recent years.

It has come up in political debate, in US media and at the White House.

It’s also been a theme in a new book by the sociologist John Hawks, who calls for a rethinking of the nation’s identity.

The book, ‘A Nation of One’, is published by Princeton University Press.

Hawks, professor emeritus of sociology at Harvard University, says it is time for a reassessment of what makes a nation, and a more accurate understanding of what constitutes a nation.

US president Donald Trump, who is from New York, says the American dream is fading.

“A nation is defined by its people, and we have lost that, and that is a tragedy,” he said in an interview with The Associated Press.

US President Donald Trump is seen at the US Capitol on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, January 5, 2021.

Photo: Evan Vucci US President-elect Donald Trump delivers a speech on the economy to a joint session of Congress in Washington DC on Tuesday.

“And I am the only one that can bring back that dream and I will bring back it,” he told the crowd.

The new book argues that the United States has become less of a nation than a collection of states, territories and tribes, which have become disconnected from the rest of the country.

It argues that a more complete understanding of America as a unified whole, as opposed to individual states, is essential for a better future.

In ‘A New Nation’, Hawks argues that this was a “lost” way of looking at the United