What does a feminist social justice activist look like?

Posted March 14, 2019 04:23:58 When I was just starting out in my career in the arts, I was on a team of four women who were the creative leaders of our theater troupe.

In our last performance, we were given a role to play and it was very different from any role I had ever played in a production.

We were the main actors and the supporting actors, and we were playing different characters that were not our roles.

I remember one of the women, who I didn’t know well, had a little boy who was really nervous, and she just said to me, “This is how it’s going to be.

This is how this is going to happen.”

And I remember thinking, Oh my god, this is a dream come true for me.

She was the one who told me that the first time we did the role, she was so nervous that she was going to cry, but she had to be able to take it.

So I’m still in awe of that woman.

I was still in shock and a little bit worried about what to do.

And I thought to myself, I’m not sure I could ever do this.

Then one day, I thought, Wow, I think I can do this!

I was like, Well, if this isn’t my dream, I have no idea what’s happening.

It’s just such a radical and beautiful thing that you can do.

So, I just kind of decided that, yes, I am going to try to do this because that’s what I’m doing.

It feels so empowering and so freeing and so inspiring to me to try.

I’ve never had any other opportunity to do anything in my life, but I just started doing this because I just felt like it was a way to really give back and help others.

And that has always been my goal.

And to me it’s just like, Thank you.

I have a feeling that this is it.

And, so, now I’m going to keep doing this, because that means I have to keep fighting and to keep pushing.

And so, that’s kind of my goal every day is to give back to the community, and to give them a voice and to help them find their own voice.

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