Father of sociology says he’s no longer ‘fond of society’

A father of sociological theories says he no longer “fond” of society.

The father of the sociology profession, David Waddell, is a sociologist at the University of Oxford.

He spoke with Fox Sports on Tuesday about why he doesn’t “love society.”

“It’s a big part of what I’m doing,” Waddill said.

“It’s the basis of my profession.

The whole reason I started sociology is to explain to people what is going on in society.”

He added that “we are not averse to looking at the world in a different way than everybody else.”

Waddell’s wife, Lisa, who works for the U.K. government, is also a sociologist.

“We are not particularly fond of the ‘happy, well-adjusted’ lifestyle,” Wadill said, “so I’m not sure if I am the kind of person who likes to be on the fringes of society.”

In an interview with Fox, Waddoll said he doesn-t “care much for social class.”

“I think that if you go into a world of very wealthy people, they can be very happy, but they’re still living in a very poor world,” Waidell said.

“So I would say, ‘I’m going to look at that in the context of the other world and see how I can improve that.'”

Waddill, who grew up in Scotland, said he was “not particularly interested in the social problems of the privileged.”

Wadill is also the father of two children.

“I have two kids, one is a young woman who is going to college,” Wads said.

Wadell said he is “not going to be a politician” and said he would not “be in politics for the rest of my life.”

Wads’ comments on social class came as a backlash against the social justice movement in Britain and elsewhere.

Wads said he didn’t want to “create a culture of exclusion” for his own children.

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