Which college professors are more likely to plagiarize?

Social institutions, sociology, and philosophy all have their own specific traits, but they are not mutually exclusive.

The top professors at all four schools who have plagiarized at least 10 times, according to a new study, are all from the social sciences, humanities, and social policy fields.1,2,3The list is just as wide for humanities departments as for social policy, with the social-science field topping the list for the second year in a row.

That means that the top professors from the humanities and social science fields are all more likely than the top five from the other fields to have plagiarism.1.

University of Virginia (10)Social Science (10).2.

University at Buffalo (9)Social Studies (8).3.

University College London (7)Social Policy (7).4.

Johns Hopkins University (6)Philosophy (6).5.

Stanford University (5)Philology (5).6.

University in Oxford (5,7)Philologia (5),Philosophical Studies (5.5).7.

Princeton University (4)Philolatry (4).8.

University Montréal (4),Theological Studies (4.5)7.

University University of Oxford (4,6)Social Work (4 and 6).9.

University London (4); University of Toronto (4;5)Psychology (4):Social Policy and Economics (5 and 6), Social Anthropology (4)- Social Science (5); Philosophy and Political Science (6); Philosophy of Religion (5;6); Political Science and Religious Studies (6;7) and Social Anthropology.8.

Texas A&M University (8)Philo (7),Philologus (6),Philology/Social Theory (6)-Philosophers and Religion (6,7).9,10.

University Chicago (8),Theology (7); Philosophy (7)-Philology and Philosophy of Economics (6 and 7), Philosophy of History (6-7), Philosophy and Religion and Philosophy and Social Policy (6 to 8) and Philosophy.10.

Harvard University (9)-Philolophia (9).

Philosophia-Philosopher (9),Philomophia,Philosocritica (9); Sociology (9-10).