How to interpret the numbers in this weekend’s NHL post-game show

As we move through the NHL season, it’s worth keeping a close eye on how many points the teams with the best records are getting.

Some teams, like the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals, are clearly improving, while others, like New York Rangers and Detroit Red Wings, are in a bit of a funk.

We’ll be going through the numbers this weekend, as well as how each team is doing in the standings.

Here’s a look at the numbers, how they stack up and who is leading the way. 

A couple of notes: 1.

This is a weekly post, and we’ll have more coverage of the standings in the coming weeks.


Points are based on average, not on the number of points per game. 

There is no absolute “best” team in the NHL.

Teams that are a little better than the average team may have had their luck shift in their favor a bit.

Teams with more than average luck will get more points than the below average teams, but not necessarily by much.

For example, the Boston Bruins have been a bit better than average in points, and they’re currently the second-best team in points.

The San Jose Sharks are third in points and tied for third in average points, so they’ll likely be among the top teams in the East this season.

The Washington Capitals are in fourth place in points but have been one of the worst teams in points this season, so the team is not likely to make it all the way to the playoffs.

There are teams that have done quite well in the first two weeks of the season, but they’ve been struggling a bit in the past couple of weeks.

What to watch for this weekend: The Pittsburgh Penguins will play the Toronto Maple Leafs on Friday, and then play the Anaheim Ducks on Saturday and Sunday. 

The Tampa Bay Lightning will take on the Nashville Predators on Monday. 

If the Tampa Bay Sharks are a bit unlucky, then the Anaheim Sharks may be the team that comes out of the gate the best in the Eastern Conference. 

As for the Detroit Red Wing, they’ll play the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday, then take on a tough New York Islanders team on Wednesday.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are in first place in the Atlantic Division, while the Ottawa Capitals are second. 

What’s next? 

The Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins and New York Jets will face off on Saturday against the Washington Capitals. 

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