The Sociological Imagination: A New Look at the Meaning of the Term “Technology”

In this edition of The Sociology of the Future, a new and provocative new way of thinking about the social and cultural meanings of technology is explored.

It is a radical reimagining of technology that draws on the ideas of the sociology of science, the sociology-of-the-mind, and the sociological-intellectual imagination.

In the course of exploring the intersection of technology and culture, the sociologists will offer a new conception of technology, its cultural contexts, and its impact on society.

A critical analysis of the ways that technology affects and distorts the lives of ordinary people.

By the end of the book, a clear picture emerges of the profound implications of technology for our social, political, and economic institutions, as well as for our collective future.

This edition of the Sociology and Culture of the 21st Century is based on the most up-to-date data on the relationship between technology and the people who use it.

Topics include the social, cultural, and technological impacts of technology on everyday life; how technology has changed our lives, our relationships with others, and our politics; and how technology shapes the way we work, live, and think about technology.

The sociologist-in-residence, Susan Hoch, is the author of the popular book Sociological Mind: The Sociologists’ Quest for Meaning, which was published by MIT Press in 2018.