Why does Italy’s footballers need to go to Brazil to learn?

A new study by sociological science think tank SocioCulture Institute finds that footballers from the South of France have the best chances of making it to Brazil in the coming years.

The study analysed more than 1,200 soccer-playing players from around the country and found that players from the southern regions have better chances of reaching the top flight than those from the north, in part because of a lack of exposure to the north-eastern regions of the country.

The authors said the southern region of France has a much higher concentration of the region’s indigenous population.

The average number of years spent living in the area is nearly 10, whereas in the north it is about 6.

“The south of France was once the cradle of football.

It was a country of many generations of players, who were educated, trained, and who made their living from football,” sociologist Maria Maria Guido said.

“But the French football community has changed.

Today, it is a country where footballers do not come from a background that prepares them for life outside the game.

It is a place where they have no real connection to the culture and history of their communities.”

The sociological research is being presented at a meeting of the Association of French Societies for Sport on Thursday in Paris.

Football is an important part of the sociological understanding of people.

“Soccer is an international sport, and there are countries that play it more than others.

And in France, we have the highest numbers of international footballers, which is a very significant development.

We must now look for a way to increase our exposure to French football,” said sociologist Marisol Zavala, a co-author of the study.