Spanish students demand justice for their castes

Students at the Universidad de Santander in Spain have organized a protest demanding justice for the castes that make up the country’s population.

The students’ demands come amid an escalating political crisis for Spain, which has witnessed a wave of attacks on minorities, as well as rising tensions over the countrys relationship with the rest of the world.

The Spanish government has said that its goal in curbing the rise of xenophobia and racism in the country is to fight against the growing wave of violence.

The protesters are demanding that the government hold an official meeting to discuss the rise in anti-Semitism and violence in the public schools, which the students say has reached unprecedented levels.

The group is also demanding that all schools in Spain that teach subjects related to the “caste” system, including history and philosophy, be abolished.

A spokesperson for the protest said that the students are calling on the Spanish government to consider “reforming the caste system to allow for the protection of the rights of the individual and the promotion of diversity and human dignity.”

The students, however, have not been successful in gaining the support of the ruling party in Spain.

The government, which controls the government and is responsible for most of the country, has faced criticism from the left, which blames it for the rising anti-immigrant violence that has killed more than 200 people and wounded thousands more.