How to get rid of a bad subculture

In the age of social media, it’s easy to lose sight of the subtleties of culture, especially when you’re stuck in a culture that is still trying to make sense of itself.

But how do you go about creating an identity that fits in with your surroundings?

A study from the University of Auckland, for instance, suggests it might be easier to start a subculture of your own.

The researchers recruited two groups of people: one who had previously attended a club, and another who had never attended.

After having two weeks to work out the best way to identify a new subculture, the researchers found the best-performing way was to create a new, but related subculture.

Their findings were published in the journal Culture, and it could also be a good idea to create more than one subculture at a time.

To help you think through your choices, the study asked participants to choose from the following categories of people who were associated with their new subgroup:Aberrant and anti-social (those who were socially withdrawn or introverted)Those who had little to no social interaction or who were isolated sociallyAberrants who had been socially isolated for many years, or were estranged from their parents for some timeAberrians who had a strong social relationship with their parents or extended familyThe authors suggest this could help you to understand how to develop your own subculture while also maintaining the social connections that you need to be part of a broader community.

But what if you don’t feel comfortable with this approach?

The authors of the study say you might find it easier to create your own, more inclusive subculture by considering the cultural differences between your own group and those around you.

For instance, the people in the second group may not be as likely to be social, outgoing or outgoing-thinking people, while the people who are the most socially isolated will be more likely to prefer to keep to themselves.

They suggest that in order to create an identity of your self-worth, it is important to consider these cultural differences.

You may find yourself thinking that you have a lot of social awkwardness, so why not take it to the next level and create a subcultural?

What’s your favourite subculture?