How to fix capitalism definition sociologist: Crash course in sociology

This video is part of our video series about how to fix America’s economy.

In this video, sociologist Michael Tanner discusses how to transform the American economy from the inside.

He says, the economy has two sides, one of which is very dysfunctional and has to be fixed.

In the second side, we have the market that we all know and love.

You know, you know, the kind of people who make these big corporations.

In fact, that’s what the government’s job is.

The government is supposed to help people who can’t pay their taxes.

And the problem is, they’re not helping them.

In order to get people to pay their tax, they put a tax on them.

And that tax is based on the size of the company.

So, if you’re a small business, your tax rate is about $1,200.

If you’re an American corporation, your rate is $10,000.

And when the corporate tax hits your paychecks, that affects how much of your income you actually get.

And this is where you see the real problems in America.

When you have a dysfunctional economy, when you have the money that the government is giving corporations, that is actually putting money into the pockets of the rich, the corporate profits are going to the top.

That’s why the American dream is in jeopardy.

So let’s fix America.

And in this Crash Course, Michael Tanner will tell you how to do that.

And he will show you how the Federal Reserve has managed to achieve a $2.2 trillion surplus, the lowest level in the history of the Federal Government.

And we will go through some of the ways that you can get rid of capitalism, too.

He will also give you some advice for how to start a business.

It’s a Crash Course in Sociology.

Michael Tanner is a professor at New York University’s Graduate School of Education.

His most recent book is Capitalism: The Great American Crime.

He can be reached at: [email protected]