New guidelines aim to reduce mental illness among NFL players

The NFL is introducing new mental health guidelines for its players after one of the league’s stars suffered a severe mental illness while playing for the Miami Dolphins.

The league released the guidelines on Wednesday, the league said in a statement.

They will be implemented in conjunction with mental health and substance abuse programs for all players, with the goal of ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all of our players.

“We’re going to take steps to reduce the number of players with serious mental health issues that are at risk of suicide, violence, or substance abuse problems, as well as those with mental illness, which are also at risk, in order to protect our game and our players,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in the statement.

The new guidelines include measures that are intended to reduce players’ risk for suicide and violence, the NFL said.

They also include steps to protect players from being bullied, including addressing bullying and encouraging players to stay safe in the locker room.

The NFL also released a series of actions aimed at reducing violence in the sport, including offering mental health support to players, addressing mental health problems and supporting the mental health of players.

The changes are part of a broader initiative called the NFLPA’s Blueprint 2020.

The Blueprint 2020 is aimed at improving the health of the NFL and its players.

It includes steps to address bullying and help players with mental issues, the statement said.

The updated guidelines come as the NFL is facing pressure from some players, including former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who is fighting for a spot on the league leadership team.

Wilson has been under investigation by the league for the alleged use of a banned substance, but has said he’s willing to take whatever punishment is necessary to make sure his team gets a fair shot.

The release of the guidelines comes as the league is trying to stem the increase in mental illness in the NFL.

The NFL has seen a sharp increase in suicide attempts and the number is on the rise.

The number of mentally ill players has risen from 17 in 2013 to 22 in 2016, according to the league.