Which majors are the most sought-after by the hiring managers of major US universities?

The most sought after majors for the hiring of a sociology major in the United States is psychology, according to a new report by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Sociology, sociology of knowledge and sociology internships were the most searched for majors by US employers in the fall of 2016, according a survey conducted by the American Sociological Association (ASA).

The top 10 most sought out majors for sociology students were:economics,political science,political economy,psychology,social work,psychiatry,society of social science,history,social welfare,social enterprise,economics and public policy, public health,societies studies,economy,global studies,sophomore,sessional and senior,business administration,professional studies,business and public affairs,public administration,social services,public health,political psychology,and sociology.

The study found that the top three most searched majors for graduates of sociology were business, social welfare and public administration.

The top three highest ranked majors were political science, social work and economics, and the third most searched were psychology.

The report is one of several released this week that examine the hiring preferences of major American universities.

According to the report, a top five most sought by employers in a survey by the Association for Education in Psychology (AEP) shows that psychology majors are in the top 10, followed by economics, political science and sociology.

However, the top five are dominated by psychology, sociology and business, with economics in the second spot and sociology in the third.

Sociology and sociology students are also in the minority of graduating students who choose one of the three major majors.

Stanford sociology professor to publish book on intersectionality

Stanford University’s sociology professor will publish a book examining the ways in which race and gender intersect in society.

Rochelle McKeon, a professor of sociology and of feminist and gender studies, will discuss the intersection of race and sexuality, as well as how women’s lives have changed in the United States and the world.

The book, titled Intersectionality: A Theory of Gender and Race in a Changing World, is expected to be published in 2018.

McKeon has worked on topics ranging from social movements to issues of race, gender, and sexuality.

She has taught courses on intersectional theory and feminist theory at Stanford since 2008.

She was previously a senior fellow at the Center for Global Women and Politics and a senior editor at Gender Studies Review.

The project comes as the White House considers new policies on how to address violence against women.

President Donald Trump has proposed new legislation to curb violence against those who experience sexual violence, including through the use of the “War on Women.”

The legislation, the Violence Against Women Act of 2017, would also create new federal legislation to combat domestic violence and sexual assault, and would require victims of sexual assault to undergo counseling.